Distance Learning


Remote Learning

Experience security, features and customization for effective e-learning. All videos are completely private and unstored unless the user records the video and stores it on a separate device. Part of the Deep Web, the system does not show up on traditional search engines. Housing everything from the server to the data connection and DNS pointers with multiple datacenters to ensure redundancy, our service is not reliant on Big Data, adding an important level of anonymity.

Advanced Features

Hassle-free, while remaining more feature-rich, high-quality and stable than the low bandwidth connections.


Working well with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Sefari and more, all software is private and secure without threats of foreign access, zoom bombing, etc.


Basic classroom links to fully customizable infrastructure, promoting open-hosted, rapid direct video sharing with unlimited attendees & meeting duration capacity.

Individual Site

Individual site for each school based on a copy of our template so that solutions can be streamlined when they arise.

Give your students access to remote learning they deserve

We provide enhanced distance learning opportunities, giving students and teachers a precise connection that forwards education from afar.